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Alex Coleborn

Cinematographer / Creative Director @ e.Motion



During his time and after graduating from the University of Salford last year, Alex has built up an impressive portfolio of work as a Focus Puller, Operator & Cinematographer. Having already worked on 7 £750k+ budget feature films as an operator/focus puller he currently specialises in Gimbal tech & operating work. he has a lot to offer in terms of his technical knowledge, working for other feature length & HETV Amazon, Netflix and Disney+ projects as a focus puller/ronin tech. Despite this, Alex has also accumulated over 22 Short Films/documentaries/ music videos in the last 4 years as a DP, ranging in budget from £0-£16k proving his worth for a sponsorship with Panasonic whom support his current cinematography work on their website. Most notably, the music video HA!L - A!MZ ft. Sebastian Kole which accumulated over 1.5 million views in 2 days.

Despite his technical background, Alex focuses his cinematographic style around narrative driven choices where he looks to explore both new technical & creative techniques with each project finding novel ways of cinematic expression. Alex naturally owns a heap of his own kit which he uses on his projects, including all his own operator kit, Easyrig, focus pulling kit and lighting package which producers love! During his step up to a more creative role in narrative based projects, he looks to maintain his tight relationships with the local rental houses such as Mediadog and Panavision in Manchester & London obtained through his focus pulling work. Alex looks to take on consistent DP & Operator work for the future, building on his wealth of knowledge assimilated through watching some of the best in the business work their magic.

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