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Josh Dykes

Producer & Sound mixer

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Josh prides himself on the utmost audio quality since taking on a £500k narrative feature film as his debut to professional on-set sound mixing. Graduating with a Masters in Film Production in 2021, after 7 years in the broadcast radio sector including BBC, Josh turned to sound production as his native craft and quickly gained an impressive portfolio of credits and equipment - since then budgets have increased to £7.5m+ as the projects have grown into international reality TV, Commercial and Feature Film projects broadcasting across HETV, US Bravo, Netflix and theatrical distribution.  

In post-production and mixing, Josh applies his diversification to all aspects of the role frequently taking on post-production work, especially that of which he produced on-set, helping to continuously develop his creative ear alongside his apprehensive technical skillset - most recently rigging his Sound Devices 888 mixer to the top tier of professional microphones including but not limited to Schoeps, DPA, Lectrosonics, Sanken and Ambient that consistently deliver results wherever applied. For e.Motion, Josh also takes pleasure in pushing his skillset into production with his latest credit currently at 2.2 million views from a £13k budget.

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