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Production Services

We worked with 100+ Projects in 2021. We're making 2022 the same.

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We’re a film production company based in Manchester.

We're cost-effective yet still the best at what we do.

We're award winners.

We let our images sell themselves.

Services We Offer for Clients, Filmmakers and Companies

Business Plan



We prepare a robust, intuitive and cost effective schedule that will benefit the jobs budget, requirements and logistics in the most strategic manner, all developed using the highest quality, industry standard software: MovieMagic Scheduling 7. We can schedule both the production process, but also the entire projects journey so everyone, including the client, execs and the team are all on the same page.


Using the industry standard budgeting software: MovieMagic Budgeting 10, we can help develop a budget for every client and job. We have developed many budgets over the years from clients who want a quick one off photography job, right-through to full scale studio films. No matter what you're in need of and what you have to spend, we can help make it happen and show you exactly where your money is going and how to stretch it as far as possible without diminishing production quality.

Production Management 

Once we have our budget and schedule in place, it's time to get the show on the road. Without rigorous planning, your production will go off the rails, nobody wants that. We can help secure everything you need including crew, locations, production documents and all necessary logistics to make sure your production happens smoothly, to plan and budget. Give us your time and trust, and let us do the rest for you.

Behind the Scenes



Hiring us means you get the security of knowing you've got a great team of highly skilled, creative technicians who know exactly what they're doing with all of the best film industry equipment. Our camera team is lead by Alex, a Panasonic Camera sponsored Director Of Photography with years of experience in both Photography and cinematography using our 6k Netflix approved cameras.


What most productions fail to realise is that sound is 50% of what your audience experience. Josh, our Head of Sound and Audio has years of experience, travelling internationally to record and mix sound on some of the best TV and films. Providing his own equipment, we can capture the highest quality audio no matter what or where you're filming.


Lee, our Head of Production, has years of both line producing and assistant directing experience working on multi million pound productions. He knows exactly how to manage and coordinate a production, and using his extensive contacts and knowledge of the industry, can bring your production to fruition with great success and deliver it, keeping it to time and budget.

Video Editing Timeline



We have the in house capabilities to data manage and file standardise all of your content you now have. With this, we have high performing computers to allow us to edit your production with speed and ease. We have edited many of both our own and other companies productions, delivering this on a tight deadline with great communication from our directors and clients.


Josh also has extensive experience doing both post sound mix and design to many productions including films, radio and commercials. with the full creative suite, we can develop the world and soundscape of your production to engage with your audience in every sense.

Colour Grading 

Once you have the edit and sound locked, it's time to make it pop! We are trained in davinci to colour grade on our editing suites using pre-built LUT's and developing these to really make your images stand out, impress and excite your viewers. No production is complete without this process, and we take pride in perfecting our work.

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